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How To Write Worksheets
How To Write Reading And Listening Activities
How To Write ESP Materials
How To Write Critical Thinking Activities
How ELT Publishing Works
How To Plan A Book
How To Write Vocabulary Presentation And Practice Activities
How To Write Graded Readers


What exactly is ELT Teacher 2 Writer?

Firstly it’s a database of ELT teachers who want to write. Publishers search this database when they're looking for writers. Secondly it’s a series of training modules. The training modules are designed to help teachers write better ELT materials, either for publication, or simply to improve the quality of their self-produced classroom materials.

How do I register in the database?

To register, just click here and follow the instructions. It’s free to register. There are no subscriptions.

How do publishers find me?

When you register, you include information about the country you work in (or have worked in), the level you teach at, and how long you’ve been teaching. If you’ve already had some material published, you can list your publications. Publishers log in to our database and carry out targeted searches for writers.

You can also say if you're interested in collaborating with publishers in other ways, for example inviting research editors to observe your classes, writing readers’ reports, piloting material.

Is it only for native speakers?

ELT T2W is for native and non-native ELT teachers. Your profile will say whether you’re a native speaker or not. Publishers often like to put together author teams of native speakers and non-native speakers.

What are the training modules?

These are downloadable ebooks that unpack the craft of writing ELT materials. They fall into three categories:
1) Core writing skills
2) How to write for a specific age group or a specific market
3) How to write different components

Who are the tutors?

The tutors are best-selling, experienced ELT writers or senior publishing professionals.

What do I do next?

To be the first to find out what new modules are being published, and to hear about new writing projects, follow us on Facebook.  Of course writing is a creative process and training will only take you so far. But if you think you’ve got the potential, why don’t you sign up, and find out? It could be the start of a new career.









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Teaching corporates?

5 Nov 2014

If you teach English in a corporate context, or are a writer looking to create bespoke materials for specific clients, this new module by Evan Frendo is for you.

Teaching exam prep classes?

7 Oct 2014

Our new module by Roy Norris is ideal for teachers who want to create targeted and bespoke content to address their students’ specific needs.

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