How To Write And Deliver Talks

As ELT professionals, we may well be called upon to give talks at conferences, something which is way outside the comfort zone for many of us. In this practical eBook, experienced author and seasoned speaker Lewis Lansford has addressed the issues around preparing and delivering talks and webinars. He encourages the reader to think about the audience and their expectations. He then unpacks the process of writing a talk, going into considerable detail about the structure of the talk, the look of the slides, and some very useful technical tips for embedding audio and video. He then moves on to the nerve-racking business of delivering the talk. As well as flagging up pitfalls to avoid, Lewis also includes personal reflections and hard-learned lessons from some seasoned ELT practitioners to help us find our own voice and deliver the best talk we can. For anyone thinking about giving a talk in any context, this eBook is a must-read. 
This eBook forms part of the ELT Teacher 2 Writer training course.

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