How To Write Pronunciation Activities

Pronunciation is the super-power of ELT! So say Laura Patsko and Katy Simpson, co-authors of this ebook which sets out to give teachers and materials writers the tools for writing pronunciation activities, both receptive and productive. Laura and Katy remind us of the importance of integrating pronunciation into any set of materials, making it a routine part of a lesson rather than a special occasion, or add-on. The authors also emphasize the need to vary pronunciation activity-types, and provide clear instructions for writing a range of different activities that go beyond ‘listen and repeat’. Whether you’re writing for your own classes or for publication, this ebook will guide you in choosing an activity type, writing clear rubrics, staging the activity and extending it for homework or self-study. Finally, the ‘Useful Resources’ section at the end will be of invaluable help to all materials writers.

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