Karen Richardson

Originally from the UK, I started teaching English in Germany the mid-90s and had my first ELT materials published in 2002 (by German educational publisher Langenscheidt). Since then I've written course book components, teachers' books and online worksheets for Macmillan ELT (The Business, In Company, and English for Law Enforcement) and Cornelsen Verlag (Basis for Business). I've also worked as an advisor for various course books and as a freelance editor. My favourite and most consistent writing work is for Macmillan's OnestopEnglish resource website (www.onestopenglish.com) where I write the Guardian Weekly news lessons together with Tim Bowen, as well as the Business Spotlight lesson plans.

These days my teaching is mostly business English at the University of Co-ed in Stuttgart and at various companies in the area.

Over the years, through my membership of IATEFL and IATEFL BESIG and English language teaching associations in Germany, participation on various training courses, as well as being a 'chronic volunteer' and conference organiser (e.g. the bi-annual ESP Conference in Germany and the 2012 annual BESIG conference), I've established a fantastic network of ELT friends and colleagues for which I am very grateful.