Mike Sayer

Mike Sayer is a teacher, teacher trainer and author based in Oxford in the UK. He began his teaching career in Thessaloniki in Greece in 1986, and worked in EFL schools in Milan and Oxford before becoming a CELTA teacher trainer in 1991. For a while, Mike was head CELTA trainer at the Regent School in Oxford before going freelance in 2002. Since then he has run CELTA courses all over the world, in places as far-flung as Thailand and South Africa, Georgia, Italy and Slovenia, Dubai, Venezuela and the United States. He has also run teacher training workshops for in-service teachers in Spain, Ukraine and the UK.

Mike’s writing career began in 2001 when he started writing the teacher’s books for OUP’s New Headway course in the UK and the US. Writing teacher’s books for this long-lasting, world-famous course was a very good grounding. Since then he has written numerous teacher’s books, workbooks and resource books for OUP, Macmillan and cengage. Notable teacher’s books include Landmark Advanced (OUP), Straightforward Beginner, Elementary and Advanced (Macmillan), Gateway B2+ (Macmillan), Attitude 4 and 5 (Macmillan), Matura Explorer (Cengage) and the Life series (Cengage). Mike has also written a successful student’s book series for the Spanish bachillerato market, which is called Time for English (Macmillan).