Praise for the database

I've received work from Foreign Language Teaching Resources Press in Beijing and HarperCollins. Both were wonderful experiences and the people very professional. Looking forward to getting more work. :-)
Andy Pozzoni

ELT Teacher 2 Writer is a fantastic source for both budding and established writers alike. It's very easy to create your profile and any time I've needed help they've been quick to respond. After posting my profile a few years ago, I was contacted by Polish publisher Nowa Era, who asked me to write a sample for an upcoming coursebook project. My sample was accepted, and I am now writing a coursebook series for Teenagers, to be published in 2015/2016. 
Damian Williams

The work I have been doing came about after doing a sample for a Teacher's Book that I was asked to do. ELT Teacher 2 Writer passed on my details and although I didn't get the original job, I was later contacted about working on the digital side of the same project. I have worked on several aspects of the digital project since the summer, and this has also led to other related work.
Michelle Worgan

Before registering my details on the database, I already had some contacts with big publishers in the ELT world. However, ELT Teacher2Writer opened new doors for me with publishers that otherwise I might not have known about. I was contacted by Marshall Cavendish and although I wasn't given the job, the important step of linking with someone inhouse was made. I have also found ELT Teacher2Writer useful in re-establishing contact with inhouse editors who have moved to other companies. Thank you for offering a professional and friendly space for us ELTers to connect and re-connect!
Katie Foufouti

When I was first plunged into the world of materials writing, the insights and tips I found in ELT Teacher 2 Writer's modules gave me the confidence to complete those first assignments successfully. Most materials writers don't have any formal training for the job, so the sharing of guidance and practical tips from experts in the field is so important for us. The pure number and breadth of companies who use the writer database also enables us to come into contact and secure work with publishers we may never have known about otherwise.
Claire Hart 

Praise for the eBooks

Producing new content week after week and month after month can present the challenge of keeping materials engaging and compelling. 'How to Write Reading and Listening Activities' gave me a welcome, fresh perspective, as well as useful ideas for exploiting texts and scripts in the best ways. I also consider it very worthwhile to be part of the database.  A downside of freelancing can be the occasional sense of isolation, so belonging to a community of peers is always a good thing. Cheers, peers!
Eunice Yeates

Praise for the writer training courses

Very informative, useful and engaging sessions which had been clearly tailored to our context and needs

Your day has had a great impact on our organisation.