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Links to T2W's talks, interviews and webinars 

Innovate (2018) Beware of the fun police (Sue Kay) Beware of the fun police
BESIG (2016) How To Write Excellent ELT Materials
MaWSIG (IATEFL 2016) 50 ways not to turn your editor grey
British Council webinar: How to become an ELT Materials Writer
IATEFL Online Website
Vicki Hollett interview: Want to be an ELT writer? (part one)
Vicki Hollett interview: Want to be an ELT writer? (part two)
Onestop English: How to write
ELTJam: ELT Entrepreneurs


How To Write And Deliver Talks
IH Journal (Hall Houston)
How To Write Reading and Listening Activities 
How To Write Worksheets
How To Write Graded Readers
Janice Clancey review: From Teacher to Writer
Sylvia Guinan: WizIQ
How ELT Publishing Works
Janice Clancey review: From Teacher to Writer
Sylvia Guinan: WizIQ
How To Plan A Book
How To Write Corporate Training Materials
Melta News
IATEFL Poland Newsletter
How To Write ESP Materials
ESP SIG (Phil Wade)
Sylvia Guinan: WizIQ
How To Write Critical Thinking Materials
Sylvia Guinan: WizIQ
How To Write Audio And Video Scripts
MWIS blog

Writer's source material

ELT Pics: A free photographic resource for teachers created by teachers.
Film English: Promotes the innovative and creative use of film in English language teaching and learning. Kieran and Anna are also the authors of our How To Write Film And Video Activities title.
Jamie Keddie's Lesson Stream: Selection of lesson plans and video clips


Hugh Dellar
Dave Dodgson
Evan Frendo
Jennifer Frost
Sylvia Guinan
John Hughes
ELT Jam 
Philip Kerr: adaptive learning
Lizzie Pinard
Rachael Roberts
The Round
Olya Sergeeva
Pete Sharma Associates
Katy Simpson and Laura Pasko
Scott Thornbury
Grammar made funny
ESL Made Easy
TEFL Equity Advocates

Useful links

Sketch Engine The Sketch Engine (SkE) is designed for anyone wanting to research how words behave. It is a Corpus Query System incorporating word sketches, one-page, automatic, corpus-derived summary of a word’s grammatical and collocational behaviour. 
Copyright law (UK) An explanation of the copyright law and information about duration.
The Society of Authors The Society of Authors provides help, advice and information for authors.
British Council EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English  This project may be of interest to anyone involved in curriculum development. The downloadable brochure is the work completed on a British Council project to create a core curriculum based, in part, on the CEFR.
Compleat Lexical Tutor  A website offering data-driven information about text e.g. word frequency
Excellent reference book for materials writers: "Materials Development in Language Teaching", Edited by Brian Tomlinson, Cambridge
MaWSIG The IATEFL materials writing Special Interest Group whose goal is to support teachers' professional development in terms of writing ELT materials, whether for use within a group or institution, or for a wider audience.
Macmillan Dictionary